Lagoon is the Number 1 catamaran brand in the world. But it’s more than the countless awards they’ve won, or the number of boats sold worldwide each year.

Theirs is a story founded on innovation and an incredible reputation for design excellence. An uncompromising journey … a story of product development, quality construction and superb after-sales service.

And Lagoon as a brand has created a worldwide community of happy owners, living out their dreams.


Lagoon have more owners sailing around the world, than anyone else – and there’s a good reason why. They are the undisputed champions of making a life at sea accessible for anyone, anytime … and they’ve opened up the world of sailing to people who may never have thought it possible.

They invite you to unshackle yourself from the shore and break free … whether it be to sail offshore or just cruise through Pittwater.


Lagoon 42 Owner Review

Lagoon 42 Owner Review

Vic says, “I just love that you can walk-on walk-off and not have to worry about all of the maintenance and all the little details are looked after so it’s really a pleasure to have this as an opportunity for our family.”

Lagoon 42 Event

Lagoon 42 Event

WHAT: Lagoon 42 “Just Dance”
WHEN: November 12-14

New Lagoon 42 Sneak Peak

New Lagoon 42 Sneak Peak

To celebrate the arrival of the new Cobli Lagoon 42, John Cowpe hopped aboard the sister ship, detailing some of the main options to get existed about and to show off the interior and exterior upholstery and wood.


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Lagoon is the Number 1 catamaran brand in the world.