Lorenzo recently bought a share in “Major Tom” Cobli’s first Axopar 28 Syndication.

This was Lorenzo’s first time owning a boat after spending time on many of his friend’s boats in the past. This inspired him to get his own boat to use pretty much whenever he wanted.

There were a couple of things that lead Lorenzo to look into syndication, one being affordability and being able to share that cost across 5 people giving him the opportunity to own a new boat. Share ownership was also logical for Lorenzo as he knows he will only use the boat a handful of times per year so it made more sense than having the boat sitting there unused the rest of the time.

“I was also attracted to the management that syndication offers, after a day on the boat I come in and I basically walk off the boat, someone else comes and cleans it… Maintenance, servicing, registration, antifouling it’s all looked after and I don’t have to worry about any of that.”

For Lorenzo, the choice to own a COBLI vessel came down to a few things…

“The people that I met when I started looking at the Axopar, like Joe who were really fantastic and really sold the boat. Also what they offered in terms of syndication and having a 1/5th share. I looked at other syndication companies with similar sized boats but they were all a 1/8th share or a 1/10th share and that wouldn’t have given me the usage I was after.”

The Axopar 28 is so unique looking and turns heads, this is what Lorenzo loves about his boat.

“People stop us or when we are at anchor they will come up to us and ask questions,” he says.

“It is quite a unique design, I was after a day boat and this is just a pure, fantastic day boat. It’s got a lot of speed which I like, it’s got enough room for me to bring 5 or 6 friends, it’s easy to jump in and out of the water, it’s really maneuverable if you want to get a little bit closer to the beaches.”

Lorenzo takes the boat out once every week or two but he was lucky enough to use the boat every day for one week in summer. Typically he takes the boat out at 5pm with a friend or with his girlfriend or he picks up his friends in the East and ducks off somewhere to get some lunch and anchors to eat and swim. He hopes to sometimes soon do a day or overnight trip to Pittwater.

In his words, “The training was fantastic as a first-time boat owner it was crucial. Everyone’s been fantastic, Nicky who manages the syndicate is fantastic she’s always there to take a call if there is any issues and everyone on the team is fantastic.”


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