What is boat share?

Boat share is a cost-effective and hassle free way to go boating, affording you all of the advantages of boat ownership at a fraction of the cost of owning it outright.

Whatever you decide to use the vessel for, you’ll enjoy simply walking on and walking off as the vessel is professionally cleaned, managed, and maintained for you.

“Boat share” is commonly used to refer to two distinct business models; equity boat ownership and boat share through club membership.

What is equity boat ownership?

Equity boat ownership – also known as equity boat syndication, yacht syndication or boat share – is a clever model of boat sharing because you are investing in a vessel as an equity stakeholder. 

As an equity boat share owner, you invest in a percentage share of a boat, sharing both the purchase cost of the boat as well as the running costs and berthing costs with the other boat share owners.

At the end of the boat share syndication term, the vessel is sold on your behalf, and you receive your percentage of the net proceeds back, according to the amount of equity you hold.

COBLI uses the term equity boat syndication to explain our ownership structure, where all of our boat share owners purchase a portion of the vessel through a trust, and at the end of the term, the balance of equity is returned to them. 

What is the difference between equity boat share and non-equity boat share?

With equity boat share you become an owner of a percentage of the boat, whereas with non-equity boat share you merely join a club and ‘rent’ your allocated time slot on the boat.

At the end of a non-equity boat share, there are no funds returned to you.

Is boat share a good idea?

A boat share really is the clever way to live your boating dreams!

If you are time-poor with a busy lifestyle, equity boat share affords you a low-stress, walk-on walk-off experience so you can enjoy the best bits of boating without any of the hassle.

What are the advantages of an equity boat share with COBLI?

BRAND NEW BOATS – You enjoy the best of boating on the latest models, imported new for the equity boat share.

CHOICE – As you only pay a fraction of the cost of purchasing a boat outright, your options for boat ownership become much larger.

MORE TIME ON THE WATER – A walk on walk off equity boat share ownership allows you to spend 100% of your available boating time on the water, enjoying all of the best bits of boating. Plus, with COBLI we have limited owners meaning COBLI owners get more allocated time than any other boat share offering on the market.

HIGHER RESALE VALUE – Your boat is professionally cleaned after every use, maintained to the highest standards, and the 3-year boat share life cycle ensures your boat will still be a recent and highly sought after model, maximising the return of equity to you.

NO CLEANING OR MAINTENANCE – Your boat is professionally cleaned for you and the other owners between every single use, and it is also regularly maintained to the highest standards.

NO HASSLE OWNERSHIP – Owning a boat has never been so easy with our 24/7 online booking system, pre-arranged berthing so there is no need to secure a mooring and only having to pay a fraction of the upfront and ongoing running costs. 

What is the ideal number of people in a boat syndication?

COBLI deliberately limits the number of shares on each of our boats to a maximum of 5-6 owners.

This ensures you can really maximise your time on the water while also keeping the entry price low.

To find out more about the specific number of owners in each of our COBLI vessels, download a prospectus.

How do i know i’m getting the best price guarantee on my COBLI vessel?

COBLI is run by the exclusive importers of some of the world’s best vessels. With no middleman markup, you can be certain you’re getting the best price guaranteed.

What sailing or boat handling skills do i need to become a COBLI owner?

We provide all COBLI owners with an induction and training to ensure they have the skills to get out and enjoy their new boat.  

Whether you own an Axopar or Lagoon, our training exercises will equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to safely and securely handle your vessel.

How many years will my COBLI boat syndication last?

All COBLI boat syndications have a 3-year term, after which COBLI sells the vessel, and you will receive the balance of your equity share.

A three-year term helps maintain the resale price on the boat, improving your equity return.

How many days per year do i get on my boat as a COBLI syndicate owner?

COBLI syndicate owners enjoy up to 70 days per year, depending on the syndicate they have invested in.

To find out more about the specific number of days in our different COBLI vessels, download a prospectus.

Can i get additional days on my COBLI boat?

All owners are afforded the advantage of unlimited standby bookings.

If another owner is unable to use the boat in a time slot they have already booked, the boat will then be made available to other owners on a first-come, first-served basis.

How many people can i have aboard my boat?

It all depends on the model of the boat. 

It is important to check how many lifejackets your vessel holds before deciding on how many guests you will be taking.

To find out more about the specific number of people you can have aboard our different COBLI vessels, download a prospectus.

How does the booking system work for public holidays, Christmas Day and New Years Eve?

Christmas Day and Boxing Day plus New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are booked using a ballot system that ensures fair and equitable access to these dates for all equity boat share owners.

Where are your boats located?

Currently, COBLI Axopar boats are located at the Spit, Sydney Harbour, while Lagoon catamarans are located in Pittwater and the Whitsundays.

How many people can i have aboard my boat?

It all depends on the model of the boat. 

It is important to check how many lifejackets your vessel holds before deciding on how many guests you will be taking.

To find out more about the specific number of people you can have aboard our different COBLI vessels, download a prospectus.

Do you offer additional sail and boat handling training?

Yes we have sourced the very best in professional training to take you to the next level on your own boat, with the option of learning together with friends and family or in a one-to-one environment. 

Can i sell my share?

Yes, you are free to sell your share at any stage. COBLI will market and transact the sale on your behalf.

Who is liable for damage or breakdown?

Although you will be responsible for any damage caused while you are using the boat, all COBLI boats include full insurance as part of your boat syndication. As you are an owner of the vessel, you benefit from the insurance in place.

Are there any additional or hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. Your maintenance and management fee covers the cost of the marina berth, cleaning and servicing of the boat and insurance levies.

The only additional costs may include insurance excess payments following a claim (if you were using the boat at the time), fees for taking a stand-by booking, and the cost of any fuel used.

How are the boats equipped?

All our COBLI boats are the latest models, fitted out to the highest standard.

As part of your walk on/walk off experience, every boat is fitted out with a range of gear that will make your time on the water easier and more enjoyable.

To learn more about the specific equipment aboard our different COBLI vessels, download our prospectus below.

Can i bring my pet on board?

Unfortunately not. For the safety of your pet, cleanliness of the vessel and the comfort of the other owners, we don’t allow you to bring your pet on board.

When can i collect or return the vessel?

You are free to collect or return the vessel at any time within your booking period, subject to existing booking and maintenance requirements, just as you would if you owned the vessel outright. 

We have a simple online booking system that allows you to notify us when the vessel has been returned. Our boats are berthed at marinas that have full time dock staff during normal daytime hours and first-class facilities.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask our team via the contact form below.