With Cobli’s Axopar 28 “Major Tom” and Axopar 37 “Life on Mars”, as well as Eyachts Axopar 22 all based at The Spit, the lineup of Axopars were calling our name. The Cobli team took the opportunity one sunny Monday to enjoy what Sydney Harbour has to offer.

After a quick swim and a raft up at our favourite anchorage Castle Rock we were off..

The tour began with some donuts around the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House. No matter how many times we zoom around these spectacles it never stops being mesmerising. For those who are visiting Sydney, exploring by water is definitely the number 1 way to do it!

After making some mess and drawing in the eyes of Ferry goers we stopped in at Athol Bite just below Taronga Zoo, one of the best views of the harbour!

Here is why Axopar boats are perfect for boat syndication in Sydney Harbour…

An Axopar syndication in Sydney Harbour is an excellent choice for boating enthusiasts seeking a versatile and rewarding ownership experience. Axopar boats are designed to excel in various activities, making them well-suited for syndication.

 With efficient performance and a twin-step hull design, Axopar boats effortlessly cut through waves while maintaining speed, offering a thrilling and enjoyable boating experience. The practical layout and amenities cater to the needs of syndicate members, providing comfort and convenience during their time on the water.

Additionally, Axopar boats boast an attractive design that turns heads and tends to retain its value well, adding to the overall ownership experience. Syndicate members can enjoy the versatility, quality, performance, practicality, and aesthetics of Axopar boats while exploring the beauty of Sydney Harbour.


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