If you are a COBLI owners, whether you own an Axopar or Lagoon you will be taken through a number of training exercises to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to handle your vessel.

COBLI owners love the induction and training that we provide to ensure they have the skills to get out and enjoy their new boat.

Lagoon 42 owner Vic said, “it was really helpful. I did two days of training with Nicky and Joe, which really helped me to become a lot more comfortable using the boat, parking the boat, which is still terrifying but I do feel a lot more confident than I did before I did the instruction so that’s really good. They are really patient and helpful so I do feel a lot more comfortable in using the boat now. I have to say having Nicky as boat manager is fantastic she goes above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care of.”

Axopar 28 owner Lorenzo said, “The training was fantastic as a first-time boat owner it was crucial. Everyone’s been fantastic, Nicky who manages the syndicate is fantastic she’s always there to take a call if there is any issues and everyone on the team is fantastic.”


There is always more to learn when it comes to seamanship, navigation. manoeuvering and generally broadening your knowledge base.

COBLI owners all have different motivations in their ownership; Some enjoy safely spending their time on the local waterways.  Others wish to venture further afield, and many take advantage of COBLI as a stepping stone to full boat ownership, enabling them to undertake epic adventures across the world’s oceans.  One thing that is a constant, is that COBLI owners have a desire to learn, improve and master their craft in order to happily fulfil their ambitions.

COBLI’s exclusive further education pathways allow our owners to take the next step, learning together with friends and family or in a one to one environment.  We have sourced the very best in professional training to take you to the next level and to do so on your own boat.

Get in touch to discover our exclusive further education packages to find out which is right for you…


Incredible Whitsundays Destinations

Incredible Whitsundays Destinations

In order for you to maximise your Whitsundays experience onboard your Lagoon 42, we’ve compiled this guide to some of the most exciting destinations in the Whitsundays to visit in your Lagoon.

VIVID Sydney

VIVID Sydney

We decided to dodge the VIVID crowds and cold weather and see the light show from the water onboard Axopar 37, Life on Mars.