How Does COBLI Share Boating Work

Though boat syndication is not a new concept people are always asking how does it work?

With the release of the NEW Lagoon 46 we thought we would explain how the benefits of boat sharing with COBLI and answering all your questions about this boat share opportunity…

Since the release of our two Lagoon 42s there has been demand for a larger option and the Lagoon 46 hits this sweet spot in the market. We know that COBLI Owners are seeking a boat to entertain friends and go on family adventures, and this boat has the space with room to host up to 30 people for a day out and sleep 6/8 people onboard.

It’s also a great size to manoeuvre and sail easily. The TMG Yachts team just spent 48 hours onboard sailing from the Gold Coast to Sydney and Joe explained, “this is an awesome boat to sail, I am constantly impressed by the sailing performance, the 46 is extremely comfortable during passages.” Joining an offshore passage is something owners may consider when this boat travels to the Whitsundays in year two.


You will be one of 6 owners maximising your time on the water. COBLI takes care of everything from maintenance to cleaning so that you can enjoy a seamless walk-on, walk-off experience. As the importer for Lagoon, you aren’t getting any additional markup; we have a dedicated service team who are based in the same marina, know your boat and will maintain the vessel to the highest standard.

With COBLI all boats have a 3 year term, by 3 years your boat will still be a recent and highly sort after model, therefore attracting a great resale which maximises the return of equity to you.

Based in Pittwater and with a dedicated season in the Whitsundays, owning this Lagoon 46 is not just owning a boat. It is a lifestyle change and something we already know people are going to love.

There are limited shares available with the syndication set to begin late 2024. Your next boating adventure awaits.

There are limited shares available with the syndication set to begin late 2024. Your next boating adventure awaits.


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