At Cobli we are constantly showing our boat owners the incredible activities you can do with your boat.

Whale watching can cost upwards of $100 even $200 for a couple of hours on the water and no guaranteed sighting. However, if you own one you can go searching at your own leisure.

We took the Axopar 28 T-Top just outside of Sydney Harbour and the outcome was sensational!!!

What you need to know about Whale Watching in Sydney;

From April to mid-August the Humpbacks are heading north to give birth and mate in the waters of the Coral Sea. At this time of year, they tend to swim constantly north at 4-5 knots (5–9 km/h) and will have regular surface intervals.

From mid-August to mid-December the Humpbacks are heading south to return to the Antarctic feeding ground for the southern hemisphere summer. While they will tend southwards they may swim in any direction for hours at a time, with less consistent surface intervals.

Our verdict is that winter in Sydney is the best chance you’ll get to catch a sighting. 

With the Axopar 28 T-Top arriving in February 2021 you will have plenty of time through the winter to catch a glimpse of these spectacular animals. 


Axopar 37 Virtual Tours

Axopar 37 Virtual Tours

With Sydney in lockdown preventing in-person walkthroughs of the Axopar 37 Cobli is offering a virtual tour day for prospective owners.

WHEN: Friday, August 27th – 10am-2pm

WHERE: Facetime/ Online Platform

Lagoon 42 Gold Coast to Whitsundays

Lagoon 42 Gold Coast to Whitsundays

As you probably know part of Cobli’s Lagoon 42 offering has the vessel in the Whitsundays between July and September. Here is the story from the delivery.

Sydney Sunset Adventure

Sydney Sunset Adventure

Have you ever just looked outside, over the ocean and the sunset is particularly beautiful? That is exactly what drove the team on this particular adventure.