COBLI is a fresh approach to boat syndication offering high-end solutions for equity boat ownership. 

COBLI is wholly owned by the exclusive importers of many of the most prestigious on-water brands. From the latest catamarans based between Pittwater and the Whitsundays islands to high-end day boats for entertaining and enjoyment on Sydney harbour and beyond. All vessels under COBLI are managed and maintained to the highest of standards.  Vessels are brought in from new and exited in good time to maximise a high resale value, which simply means; more equity is returned to our owners who can then choose to continue on to the latest model or move to full ownership should they wish.

limited shares = more time on the water

Latest boats

Best price

Three-year terms

Once the 3-year term is up COBLI will sell the vessel and the balance of your equity will be returned to you

Fixed monthly cost covers all of the wide-ranging expenses associated with boat ownership, so you will never get any surprises

Limited shares

Maximise usage

Stress free/walk on walk off experience

Schedule usage 24/7 online booking system

Manage and maintain your boat for you to the highest standard

Our high-end servicing and knowledge of your vessel will maximise the resale.


COBLI was driven by the desire to help Australians take away the barriers to entry into boat ownership and create a smart, affordable solution for everyone to consider. 

The opportunity to be an equity stakeholder is the opportunity to enjoy the best of boating on the latest models with ease and at a fraction of the cost.

As the world marches on and the sharing economy becomes the go-to solution across multiple industries, we felt the time was right to look at the best way to offer real equity ownership for the prestigious boat brands we import into Australia.

Our key principles

Entry price

As direct importers we have the ability to offer our products at competitive buy-in prices. Big mark-ups are not in our DNA, an entry price driven by the vessel RRP.

Service and care

All vessels under COBLI are managed and maintained to the highest of standards.  We know our boats intimately; when to service them and how to look after them. Ensuring best practice and delivering high resale.

Limited equity shares

COBLI limits the number of owners depending on the product offering and the vessel. While the entry price needs to be kept low, the availability needs to be reasonable to ensure your pleasure out on the water.

3-year lifecycle

A term of ownership with COBLI is not protracted. The beauty of equity ownership is the access to current models and the ability to move within the fleet to experience the very latest in design and technology. By 3 years your boat will still be a recent and highly sort after model, therefore attracting a great resale which maximises the return of equity to you.


John Cowpe and Peter Hrones

COBLI is brought to you, courtesy of two of the boating industries most respected operators: John Cowpe and Peter Hrones bring a wealth of experience; with over 50 years operating in boat sales, support and importation. The best designs, the best manufacturers and a commitment to customer service has seen the creation and growth of some of Australia and New Zealand’s most successful marine operations, under their guidance.




Axopars are designed for high quality performance and to take on any adventure.

Pardo Yachts is a head turning Italian brand and No.1 walk-around dayboat in the sector.

Lagoon is the Number 1 catamaran brand in the world.


Navigating Nautical Lingo: A Beginner’s Guide to Boat Terminology

Navigating Nautical Lingo: A Beginner’s Guide to Boat Terminology

Step aboard the Lagoon 46 with us as we unravel the mysteries of basic boat terminology. In this immersive journey, we’ll guide you through the fundamental nautical terms that may initially seem like a foreign language. From the bow to the stern, the helm to the galley, join our exploration of the Lagoon 46, where every term has its own unique significance.

How Does COBLI Share Boating Work: Lagoon 46 Syndication Explained

How Does COBLI Share Boating Work: Lagoon 46 Syndication Explained

Boat enthusiasts are curious about how boat syndication works, especially with the new Lagoon 46 release. COBLI simplifies boat sharing, addressing inquiries about the Lagoon 46’s features and benefits. With COBLI, enjoy hassle-free ownership, seamless experiences, and a dedicated service team for optimal vessel maintenance.