As you probably know part of Cobli’s Lagoon 42 offering has the vessel in the Whitsundays between July and September.

The boat can’t get there itself so Coblis resident John Cowpe and Joe Fox took 3 Cobli owners on the delivery they will never forget.

Here is the story of the trip North in the words of Cobli owner, Stewart. 

I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to join the delivery team from Sanctuary Cove to Airlie Beach in early June. The boat was ready to sail within 30 mins of our arrival and the adventure began with a number of rules set down, namely 3-hour shifts throughout the night and no drinking while the anchor waa up! The latter was hard to swallow but proved to be inspired by the journey’s end.

We sailed up the inland waterways to the top of Bribie Island then sailed to Inskip point where we once again used the inland waterways to Lady Musgrave Island (more direct route and calmer seas). The beauty of this part of the coast was beyond our expectations becoming more beautiful as we headed north of Yeppoon (stunning untouched coastline).

The night sailing was cold and quiet with a display of stars I have never seen before.


We finally arrived in Airlie Beach on a sunny morning and headed straight for the bar on land to enjoy lunch and afternoon swimming (I can’t remember much other than being on a swing with the crew.)


I can’t say enough about the skills and companionship of John and Joe and well Mark (the other owner onboard) was an absolute classic providing many funny moments and great company.


Terrific journey Neil and I will cherish.


Lagoon 42 Event

Lagoon 42 Event

WHAT: Lagoon 42 “Just Dance”
WHEN: November 12-14

New Lagoon 42 Sneak Peak

New Lagoon 42 Sneak Peak

To celebrate the arrival of the new Cobli Lagoon 42, John Cowpe hopped aboard the sister ship, detailing some of the main options to get existed about and to show off the interior and exterior upholstery and wood.

Lagoon 42 Key Features

Lagoon 42 Key Features

The Lagoon 42, “Spaceboy” is part of Cobli our syndication company – her 3-year program sees the vessel in the Whitsundays for 3 months over the winter.

Team members sailed from Tweed to Sydney to deliver the boat to its owners for summer.